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Athletes Against Assault

Spreading sexual assault awareness one step at a time.

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Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault

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Current News:

Athletes Against Assault has now released their official sexual assault petition to change culture and sexual assault policies. Read for more information and to sign!


About us

Meet Athletes Against Assault, a group dedicated to making change in school athletics programs to educate people about and prevent sexual assault and harassment. If you are passionate about bringing survivors justice, we implore you to consider joining us in bringing an end to the toxic culture around sexual violence on and off the field.


From a young age, young and impressionable teenagers are taught to justify the control and claim of other people’s bodies. They are put in groups of like minded people and pushed further and further to believe and ingrain in themselves the toxic beliefs of r*pe culture. As they grow older, they actively engage in locker room talks, in rating others on a scale of 1-10, in discussing the bodies of others with their buddies, in describing their sexual “conquests”... 

We are tired of perpetrators of violence using our bodies for their personal pleasure and justifying their objectification and abuse with insensitive, degrading, and disgusting remarks. Athletics has had a pervasive culture of condoning and even promoting assault. If you want to protect your fellow athletes from the harmful actions of abusers, please join our events and help us promote our cause. We will be planning all of our events online and we will be doing some of them in person. We have gone too long without taking action, and it is time we take action and find justice for those who deserve it.